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PowerFolder 8.0.14
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File Size: 27 Mb

PowerFolder 8.0.14

Publisher:Dal33t GmbH
Language:English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Platform:Vista, Windows, Linux, MAC, Mobile
Requirements:500 MB Memory Dualcore PC
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

PowerFolder - Private,- hybrid- and public cloud solutions for enterprise file sync,sharing and backup by PowerFolder, ensures that your data is globally accessible for those you wish to share your data with, but at the same time it ensures that your files never need to leave your hardware and control. PowerFolder can be used as public managed cloud, or as a pure in-house cloud solution. PowerFolder comes with encrypted transfers, a build in files archive to keep deleted files and previous versions, fast lan Sync and can download files from multiple sources, and exchanges only those parts of a file which changed. With a private cloud server, you will have full control over user accounts, and folder permissions and the option to easily use LDAP and Active Directory. It is possible to remotely configure clients and connect to multiple APIs, including webDAV. PowerFolder clients and servers are available as full OEM version.

List of Changes:

Version 8.0.14 from 2012-11-28

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Version 7.0.4 from 2012-09-18

* Improved interface
* Optimized transfers
* Reduced memory and cpu usage
* Massive improvements and some bugfixes

Version 6.0.6 from 2012-06-05

* Brand new simplified user interface
* Drastically reduced memory usage (60%)
* Copy file link to clipboard feature added
* Pause mode with human adaptive behavior
* Massive improvements and some bugfixes

Version 5.6 from 2012-01-23

* Free edition can now sync up to 2 GB of data
* New skins: PowerFolder 2012 "Blue Globe" and "Storm"
* System tray icon improvement
* Various improvements and bugfixes

Version 5.0 from 2011-07-10

* More intuitive to setup and use
* Reworked conflict handling
* Access cloud files quicker
* Various improvements and bugfixes

Version 4.5 from 2011-01-23

* Several internal security improvements.
* Fixed connection bug with more than 500.000 files on a single folder.
* Ignore patterns are not longer reset when changing the local directory.
* Various improvements and bugfixes

Version 4.4.2 from 2010-11-17

* File browser: New options on directories: Restore and download.
* Computers, that are offline 15 days or more, automatically get removed from view
* Added chat typing notice.
* Added chat formatting options.
* Many bugfixes
* Many improvements

Version 4.4 from 2010-10-27

* Improved drag and drop support: Simply drop a directory into PowerFolder
* The file archive is now easier reachable in the user interface
* overhead traffic reduced by 50-70%
* Speed improvements when transferring many small files.
* Many bugfixes
* Many improvements

Version 4.3.0 from 2010-08-23

* Added new fresh default skin "LightSky"
* Drastically reduced CPU usage
* Several memory improvements.
* Instant change detection
* Extended security control
* Many bugfixes
* Many improvements

Version 4.2.3 from 2010-05-17

*Simplified usage and setup of PowerFolder
*Added several enhancements to client/server protocol
*Eliminated a memory leak.
*Fixed problem while storing preferences.
*Several other bugfixing
*Several other improvements.

Version 4.1.1 from 2010-01-25

* Folder action buttons, now appear when hovering over folders with the mouse.
* Improved HTTP tunneled connections.
* Several other improvements
* Fixed server change problem when UI was locked.
* Several other bugfixes.

Version 4.1.0 from 2009-12-21

* Instant file change detection
* File archive bulk restore:latest version or by date
* Various minor

* Performance improvements .
* Various improvements
* Some Bugfixes

Version 4.0.3 from 2009-11-26

* Added support for Windows Live Mail.
* Added bulk restore
* Various minor

* Reduced memory usage.
* Made file detection more robust
* System service did not start after GUI was closed sometimes.
* Download of large files not longer occasionally timeout.

Version 4.0.2 from 2009-11-10

* Several other minor Performance related changes.

* Corrected problem that sometimes arises when setting up folders twice.
* Several other minor bugfixes.

Version 4.0.1 from 2009-11-05

* Various improvements to reduce CPU and I/O usage
* Configuration can now be the same for ALL users on a computer.
* Now correctly migrates configuration/settings from 3.X version on upgrade to version 4.
* Various Bugfixes

Version 4.0 from 2009-10-13

* New FREE 5+1 GB client! Sync up to 5 GB and get 1 GB online space as bonus.
Totally free of charge
* Improved usability
* New user interface
* File archive
* Rights / Permission system
* Mass delete protection
* Drag and drop support
* Hundreds of improvments

Version 3.1.9 from 2009-07-08

New features and improvements:
* Added option to automatically update system service when a new version of PowerFolder is available.
* PowerFolder can now be configured by command line/script.
* Remotely monitor up- and downloads of a client
* Various minor bugfixes and improvments

Version 3.1.8 from 2009-04-28

* Optimized speed of folder initial scan / when detecting new files.
* Several other performance improvements.
* Several improvements.
* Fixed bug, that prevented remote deletions to be locally synchronized.
* Fixed bug, that causes to download a old file version
* Several minor bugfixes.

Version 3.1.7 from 2009-03-24

New features and improvements:
* Added support for direct UDT high speed connections.
* Added support for separated peer-to-peer networks
* Simplified connection setup to custom server
* Several minor improvements.
* Several minor bugfixes.

Version 3.1.6 from 2009-02-09

* Several performance improvements
* Several preparation for the PowerFolder server beta release
* Several bugfixes and enhancements

Version 3.1.5 from 2008-12-25

* Less memory use. Better user interface responsiveness
* Several preparation for the PowerFolder server beta release
* Several bugfixes and enhancements

Version 3.1.3 from 2008-11-07

* Passwords get now encrypted stored if "Remind password" is checked.
* The Activation wizard not longer pops up every 5 seconds.
* Several other minor improvements.

Version 3.1.2 from 2008-09-15

* Folder database maintenance added to save memory
* Support for relative path in invitations
* Added warnings if target directory is not writable on folder setup

Version 3.1.1 from 2008-08-12

* Account registration is now integrated into PowerFolder.
* System tray: Added explorer shortcuts to PowerFolder directories.
* The connection problem while adding a friend has been solved.
* Reduced overhead traffic during Router/NAT traversal.

Version 3.1 from 2008-07-12

Automatic setup of a default synchronized folder across all computers. --- Swarming (Multi source) Download. Download single files from multiple sources. --- Upload file history. See what files were uploaded. --- Added distribution with bundled Java Runtime (6.0)


Private,- hybrid- and public cloud solutions

Download Now
File Size: 27 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Tbvernon 2010-03-05 04:06:05 #
Version: 4.1.1

Having found PowerFolder in your list of Mac applications, I downloaded it only to receive a Windows.exe file (tried this twice)

00bioarchimed 2008-06-08 03:56:28 #
Version: 3.1

First feelings...


Looking for a synchronization app for a little team, I was puzzled by powerfolder. Easy to install and quite easy to start.

On thing which bother me is the lack of a very easy interface, or no tool to do this...
so, for very novice PC user, we can hide all the options, buttons, and leave all these struggle to the administrator.

Good luck with PowerFolder,

Only my 2 cents,

Best Regards,

TomcatDriver 2007-08-10 16:17:25 #
Version: 3.1

CPU Usage & Deleted files

When i downloaded Powerfolder for the first time i really found it a great product, because it keeps two PC's over a LAN/WAN completely in sync. However since a week or two ago, i upgraded to the recently released version 2.0.0 and now i have a big problem that almost immediatly when Powerfolder starting at both machines on both machines the CPU usage by Powerfolder goes to over 95%. This is not making me happy as you probably will expect, because it dramatically slows down both PC's. Is this a known issue, or am i the first person reporting it. If there is anything you would like to know to help resolving this issue, please let me know.
Also i have another issue, which is not a show stopper, but i would to like a way to get rid of it. If a file is deleted on machine A, it shows deleted on my other machine as well (sync mode is set to exact copy). It will show up as a deleted file (colored red) in the file section of the synced directory. Is there a way to clean up those deleted files, show they do not show anymore, because i see a lot of files which doesn't exist anymore, but still are shown in Powerfolder.

Download Now
File Size: 27 Mb